Equipment & Safety

SAFTY ZIP-LINE PULLEY:PETZL TRAC PLUS pulleys for long Tyrolean traverses
Trac Plus pulleys are the answer when it comes to long Tyrolean traverses in adventure parks. Double row ball bearings ensure longer life than classic bearings. They cannot be dropped, thanks to the VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiner, simplifying their functionality. The clip-on lid makes it easy to connect the TRAC PLUS to a pulley lanyard. The support grooves for progression carabiners keep them from rubbing along the tyrolean’s cables.

The VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiner is designed for use on via ferrata lanyards. Its excellent handling and automatic locking system facilitate manipulations when passing intermediate anchors. The large opening and the Keylock system allow the carabiner to be easily connected to the cable.

SAFTY ZIP-LINE PULLEY:PETZL TRAC PLUS pulleys for long Tyrolean traverse
The ELIOS CLUB helmet is a version of the ELIOS suited to groups and clubs. It offers effective impact protection with its ABS shell and expanded polystyrene foam liner. Fully adjustable and adapts to all head shapes.

The symmetrical aluminum OK carabiner has an oval shape that allows optimal positioning of equipment with a wide section. Its Keylock system facilitates manipulations. The OK carabiner is available in two locking systems.

SAFYT ROPE LANYARD:PETZL-jane Non-adjustable Dynamic Rope Lanyard
Non-adjustable dynamic rope lanyard combines with an ABSORBICA energy absorber to create an I or Y energy-absorbing lanyard that holds the connector in place, with abrasion protection for the ends.

Basic fall arrest harness is compatible for connection to a fall arrest system with its sternal and dorsal attachment points. The upper and lower straps are different colors to facilitate donning the harness correctly. The shoulder straps are equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment.